As the Holidays Approach, Should We Worry About a Recession?

The holiday season is coming, and along with it are the corresponding colorful lights, pomp, and grandeur. It is a time of giving gifts, spending quality time with the family, and eating hearty food. However, should we feel concerned about a recession, which can potentially ruin it? Many Americans think that we are currently inContinue reading “As the Holidays Approach, Should We Worry About a Recession?”

Answering Your Usual Questions about Life Insurance

For an average layperson, life insurance may be confusing, and many are not able to grasp its many intricacies. They may find its themes too perplexing to understand completely, and you might be one of them. However, you may be a little hesitant because you just don’t know what it is and to a greaterContinue reading “Answering Your Usual Questions about Life Insurance”

Be Prepared for Retirement Costs

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except Death and Taxes,“ Benjamin Franklin once said. As long as you are still breathing, the government will tax you and will continue to find new ways to keep taxing you.  Enter the Washington State Long-Term Care Trust Act.  With the passage of this law,Continue reading “Be Prepared for Retirement Costs”

How Walt Disney Used Life Insurance to Fund his Dream

by: Lem Lomeda Walt Disney was, and still is, a large part of everyone’s lives. His creative output produced all of the best memories we hold dear in our childhood, from beloved cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, his feature-length animated movies, to family-themed parks all around the world. However, all of these had the dangerContinue reading “How Walt Disney Used Life Insurance to Fund his Dream”

Preparing for the Two Things that Most People Worry About

There are two things that most people worry about: 1) Dying too soon, or 2) Outliving one’s savings. The prospect of retirement might not seem very real to you right now. But working in retirement homes for almost a decade, I’ve seen the consequences the elderly have to suffer for not having enough money forContinue reading “Preparing for the Two Things that Most People Worry About”


I call it the Insurance-based Investment Strategy. There are plenty of resources out there that talk about this strategy in detail. To read more about it, you can start with these books: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose – by Patrick Donohue Money. Wealth. Life Insurance – by Jake Thompson Live Your Life Insurance –Continue reading “I.B.I.S.”