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It’s Time to Spring Clean our Finances

March has finally arrived, which means winter is over and spring has sprung, and the annual tradition of spring cleaning begins. It not only refers to the act of housecleaning but metaphorically as well, like getting our finances in order before an audit or inspection occurs. Many of us have questionable financial habits ranging from…

Express Your Love this Valentine’s Day with Life Insurance

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’d want to give your loved ones the best gift to express your love to them. There are the usual gifts you can give, like roses, chocolates, or romantic getaways and dinners in five-star restaurants. However, there is something that is more meaningful and will say in big bold letters: “I…

New Year, New Opportunities to Fix Your Finances

2023 has finally arrived, and for the first time in post-pandemic times, things are looking pretty upbeat. (Is the pandemic really over? President Biden seems to think so, but I digress.) Economic adviser to the president Brian Deese said the US economy, which has been lagging in the past, has shown a remarkable uptrend due…

Whole Life Insurance as a Christmas Gift for Your Child

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and in this joyous occasion comes the spirit of gift-giving. Kids particularly love this time of the year, since they are mostly the recipients of these brightly wrapped boxes filled with unknown wonders.  Yet, sooner or later, they grow up, go off to college, get married, have their own…


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