Products and Services

Here at Ascend99 we offer a wide array of products and services to ensure we have what you need. Together we will sit down and discuss your goals and concerns and create a custom plan that is right for you and at the right price.

Our company offers financial planning and coaching to help you establish the foundation of your financial freedom. We also work with the world’s biggest insurance companies to leverage the tax benefits and guarantees whether to supplement your retirement income, support healthcare and homecare costs, or to safely invest your money that only life insurances can offer. We offer:

  • Whole life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Index universal life insurance
  • Burial Insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Fixed annuities

We will never sell you products you don’t need or charge you crazy rates and fees. Our companies guiding values are , benevolence, transparency and dependability. Our team will always act with your best interests in mind and are upfront about why we suggest what we do.

Now is the time, give us a call at (312)469-0016 to discuss your insurance needs and we will find something that fills your needs within your budget.

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